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SPOILERS: Legion of Collectors BTAS Box Review



SPOILERS: Legion of Collectors BTAS Box Review

SPOILERS: Legion of Collectors BTAS Box Review

Funko’s latest Legion of Collectors box, Batman: The Animated Series, arrived at the doorstep a few days ago (I would have reviewed it sooner, but a kidney stone decided to not let me do that). Thanks goes out to the fine folks at Funko for providing the box (this also serves as a disclaimer that Funko sent this for the purposes of review).  I was extremely happy to learn that a box based on Batman: The Animated Series was going to be released.  Let’s find out if the contents of the box are any good, in our Legion of Collectors BTAS Box Review.

Legion of Collectors Batman: The Animated Series Box Review

WARNING!  If you have not yet received your box and you want to remain oblivious to the content in the box, then I highly suggest you stop reading here.  I am going to spoil the mess out of this box, with pictures of every item that is contained within.

LAST CHANCE!  Okay on with the Legion of Collectors BTAS Box Review.

The very first thing that I noticed about this box is the artwork on the front.  The Penguin is featured very prominently on the front, but one thing stood out to me immediately…  This was not the Penguin from Batman: The Animated Series, but the look of the character from The New Adventures of Batman.

After the second season of Superman: The Animated Series ended, Warner Bros. Animation decided to change up the Batman show with animation that was more “in line” with that of the Superman show.  This resulted in drastic changes for some characters like the Penguin.  He went from looking like the Danny DeVito version, to the version that looked closer to his classic comic book look.

This look on the box threw me for a bit of a loop at first, and had me questioning what I might be in store for with this box.  Luckily, things turned out great!


BTAS The Joker Patch

After opening the box we get a look at the featured patch and pin.  The patch this time featured The Joker.  The pin featured Catwoman.  This gave me a good feeling in that since Funko used these two prominent characters for the patch and pin, we might get something unique from the other items in the box.

Again with every review, I have to say that each patch and pin individually may not seem like the coolest thing, but once you get a few together, then display possibilities make them a very nice thing to have in the collection.

This box also brings us a brand new tee shirt!  We are all very familiar with the classic Batman: The Animated Series logo featuring a shadowed Batman holding his cape up, with his eyes just about the only thing visible, besides the red circle in the background.  Funko took this design, and gave us their POP version of this awesome logo.  It comes on a black shirt that will look very cool on your next night out on the town.  This is one of the better shirts that has been included in these boxes, just for the play on the classic logo.

Next is the obligatory comic book.  This one being Batman: The Animated Series #1, but featuring a nice POP Batman variant cover.  This features another classic Batman: The Animated Series moment, with Batman standing on a roof, lightning popping in the background. I have said from the beginning that this should be the norm for these comics.  A POP variant is a must.

Now to the good stuff! I was shocked with the POP decision in this box.  I was really looking for another Batman, or possibly a Joker POP in this box.  However, the team at Funko surprised me with the release of a Mr. Freeze POP!

I absolutely love the way the designed the head on this one.  They have a clear plastic helmet with Victor Fries’ blue head and glasses inside.  It really makes for a unique piece, that I haven’t seen done with a POP figure yet.  He also comes with his freeze gun molded into his hand.  The paint application on the one that was in this box, was flawless.  I have no issues with this one at all.  In fact, this is one of my favorite DC pieces from Funko so far.  They continue to surprise me with their innovation with these figures.


Dorbz Batmobile and POP Heroes Mr. Freeze

The last piece was another surprise.  A Batman: The Animated Series Dorbz Ridez featuring Batman and his Batmobile.  The Batmobile is really nice, but the one flaw with this is the fact that the wheels do not turn.  They are stationary, but it would have been much nicer to have them move.  I also really liked the Batman Dorbz figure.  He even comes with a little batarang molded into his hand.  Hey he has to have some sort of weapon to thwart the POP Mr. Freeze!

This box was a pleasant surprise and I honestly couldn’t be happier with it.  If you are a fan of Batman: The Animated Series, then this box will be an awesome thing for you.  It will definitely be something you will want to pick up. If you are a general Funko fan, then I think that you will also find some nice pieces in here.  BTAS Mr. Freeze was a welcome addition to this box, and I can only hope that Funko keeps putting less popular figures in these boxes (I am referring to a Ted Kord Blue Beetle).

Don’t forget to sign up for the DC’s Most Wanted box, which you can only get at! Check out the various images from the box below!

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