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A Look at the Upcoming Tweeterhead Supergirl Maquette


A Look at the Upcoming Tweeterhead Supergirl Maquette

Tweeterhead has just announced another entry to their DC Maquettes – Supergirl. The famous cousin of Superman will be available soon through Sideshow. The Supergirl Maquette will be available for pre-order Tuesday, July 18 between Noon and 3PM (Pacific Time), so check back for more updates!

As you can see from the image below, this one will be based on the classic 70’s look of the character.  This particular costume only stayed around a few years, basically the last half of the 70’s.  It still makes for one heck of a statue though!

Check out the teaser image below!

Supergirl Maquette

Tweeterhead Supergirl Maquette

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