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The Batman Collection of Doug Miller



Batman Collection

Once in awhile, likes to celebrate the collections that fans have put together.  We look for people with a passion for DC Comics toys and collectibles, and showcase them and their collections for other to see.  Whether you want to be inspired, or just to see how others arrange their collections, we want to spotlight the fantastic work fans have put into their collections.

Tonight we focus on a collector that has a fantastic Batman Collection.  His collection consists of more than 3,000 Batman items!  So sit back and enjoy the Batman Collection of Doug Miller.

DCCollectors – When did you decide to start pursuing this great Batman collection?

Taller Batman Figures

Doug Miller – I started around 1986 with the DC Legends mini series. I’d been reading comics since the early 70s but got serious about comics around 1981. I’ve always collected Batman comics and before the DC New 52, I amassed a complete run of Batman from issue 326 in August 1980 to issue 713 in October 2011, just over 30 years of awesome Batman stories.

DCCollectors – How many pieces do you think make up this collection?

Doug Miller – I recently counted and it totaled 3,621 items featuring just Batman.

DCCollectors – How much time and effort do you spend each week on your collection? For example looking for new items, researching, rearranging, etc…

Doug Miller – I’m in my rooms about an hour each night. Always arranging the shelf displays to get it just right. I’m always on the lookout for items I don’t have.

DCCollectors – If you could only keep one item from your Batman collection, what would that item be, and why?

Doug Miller – Easy, my Batman puppet. This was given to me by my parents when I was a kid a very long time ago. It’s the one Batman item I’d go back into the burning house for.

DCCollectors – What is your most valuable item?

Batman Collection

DC Collectibles The Dark Knight Returns: A Call to Arms statue

Doug Miller – My DC Collectibles The Dark Knight Returns: A Call to Arms statue. It is the one item I’ve spent the most on. My most valuable item is my Detective Comics 221. It was my first 10 cent cover and even though the sticker says $85, I got it for $78 because it was what I had on me at the time. My mother got me a frame for it, and it still sits in that same frame almost 25 years later hanging proudly on my wall.

DCCollectors – Who is your favorite Batman artist and writer?

Doug Miller – Alex Ross has done some amazing covers and John Byrne did some great stuff around the Legends era. My favorite series has to be the Hush storyline. The covers and inside art was superb. Jim Lee created some fantastic artwork for that story, and his Batman style is very recognizable.

DCCollectors – What is your favorite Batman live action film, and animated film?

Doug Miller – Batman Begins put a great start to the Batman mythos. It was good in pretty much every way. Christian Bale was good as both Batman and Bruce Wayne. For animation, nothing beats the Kevin Conroy Batman: The Animated Series.

DCCollectors – I see you have quite a few Batman LEGO sets in your collection, do you open them and put them together, or do you leave them in the box?

Doug Miller – With the exception of one set, I purchased two of each. One to open and put together, and the other one to leave sealed in package.

DCCollectors – Do you have any other interests besides Batman?

Doug Miller – I’m a comic book collector primarily focusing on DC Comics, but I also collect coins, comic cards, stamps, bottles, LEGO, Mego, Star Wars, GI Joe, and toys of the 70’s I grew up with.

Batman Collection

Section of Batman related food items. Glasses, plates, bars, chips, anything food related.

DCCollectors – Where can other collectors connect with you online? Twitter? Facebook?

Doug Miller – Facebook I’m in a few groups dealing with comics and related merchandise, and a great app called Snupps. It’s where I’ve cataloged most of my collection, and I am constantly adding to it. It’s free and very easy to use.

DCCollectors – Do you connect with other collectors to help supplement your collection?

Doug Miller – I’ve got friends and family that are into other facets of the hobby that give me additions every birthday and Christmas.

DCCollectors – What was your most recent purchase?

Doug Miller – A Batman Hot Wheels Batmobile.

DCCollectors – What would be the one thing that would make you stop collecting right now?

Doug Miller – A family illness that required funds for medicine or surgery.

DCCollectors – Where do you see the state of the collecting hobby 10 years from now?

Doug Miller – I’d like to hit the 10k mark with Batman items. It’s a lofty goal, but it’s going to be fun to try reaching it.

DCCollectors – What is the one item that you don’t currently have, that you would love to acquire?

Doug Miller – A live action suit worn by one of the actors to portray Batman on film.

DCCollectors – What is the one item that hasn’t been made, that you would like to see made?

Doug Miller – A comic accurate Batcave for figures true with giant penny, dinosaur and Batpoles.


I want to thank Doug for taking a few moments and sharing his passion with readers of  Check out even more of his photos below!

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