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Teen Titans Go! – ‘Cool School’ Preview Clip and Images

Teen Titans Go! (TV)

Teen Titans Go! – ‘Cool School’ Preview Clip and Images

Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network have released a preview clip and several images from next Thrusday’s all new episode of Teen Titans Go! titled – “Cool School”. Teen Titans Go! will now air at 6:00 on Thursday’s instead of 6:30. Check out the tagline and preview information for the episode below!

When Raven chooses to hang out with Rose Wilson, a cool escaped criminal, the other Titans feel left out. To feel “less lame,” they decide to go to Cool School.

Teen Titans Go! new episodes air Thursday’s at 6:00pm EST on Cartoon Network.  “Cool School” debuts April 23th.

Preview Images:

Rose Wilson Just Chilling

Teen Titans Go! – “Cool School”

Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy

Teen Titans Go! – “Cool School”

Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy Too Cool

Teen Titans Go! – “Cool School”

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