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Teen Titans Go! – ‘Brian’ Preview Clip and Images

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Teen Titans Go! – ‘Brian’ Preview Clip and Images

Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network have released a preview clip and several images from next Thrusday’s all new episode of Teen Titans Go! titled – “Brian”. This episode stars a new timeslot for the show as well! Teen Titans Go! will now air at 6:00 on Thursday’s instead of 6:30. Check out the tagline and preview information for the episode below!

The Titans and the Little Buddies throw a surprise party for Birdarang and Beat Box. When the Titans leave to check out a crime alert, Cyborg tells the Little Buddies to keep the party going while they’re gone. Eight months later, the Titans still haven’t returned and the party is still going.

Teen Titans Go! new episodes air Thursday’s at 6:00pm EST on Cartoon Network.  Brian debuts July 31.

Preview Images:

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