The 9th Circuit Court of Appeal ruled in favor of Warner Bros. today in the copyright battle with the heirs of Jerry Siegel that there was a binding agreement in 2001 giving the studio full rights to the superhero character.  You can read the entire ruling here.  According to Deadline, “this is a green light for Warner Bros. to now move forward with its Superman big screen reboot Man of Steel and other related properties”.

Warner Bros. issued the following statement after the ruling…

Today’s ruling vindicates DC Comics’ long-held position that it entered into a binding agreement with the Jerry Siegel family in 2001.  The Court’s decision paves the way for the Siegels finally to receive the compensation they negotiated for and which DC has been prepared to pay for over a decade.  We are extremely pleased that Superman’s adventures can continue to be enjoyed across all media platforms worldwide for generations to come,

It looks like Superman is safely in DC’s hands, for now…  There are other issues to be decided, but this was one of the biggest.  We will continue to monitor and update this story as it progresses.

Source: Deadline

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