In “True Colors,” the Young Justice team looks into a disturbing partnership between the Reach and LexCorp, a match made a lot lower than Heaven. The show opens with some micro-surgery (literally) by the Atom and Bumblebee as they attempt to remove Jaime’s scarab. They are assisted by a “Dr.Cross,” the name of the most recent version of Dr. Midnight. I like how this combines several bits of history at once: the Atom’s shrinking for surgery trick was a recurring story element in the comics, and tossing in Cross was just a nice touch.

G. Gordon Godfrey continues his anti-JL rants, with a few timeouts to boost the LexCorp/Reach teaming. Nightwing sends Robin, Blue Beetle, Impulse, and Arsenal, the original Roy Harper with an even worse attitude than the original. Amusingly, the Reach farm under investigation is in Smallville. Elsewhere, Sportsmaster goes to the Light to protest Artemis’ death (this under cover op is causing ever-more complications). They refuse to allow him to kill Aqualad, and, after a brief clash with newly-hired Deathstroke, Sportsmaster escapes with Cheshire’s help, to plot their revenge. I’m sort of hoping for both a big Sportsmaser/Deathstroke battle, and a big comeuppance for Godfrey.

The covert op for the young heroes goes awry when Arsenal decides to blow things up instead of sneaking around, drawing the attention of Black Beetle. As before, the Black Beetle proves pretty much unstoppable, although he does get some good lines. Elsewhere, Psimon is brought to the comatose Aqualad to try and snap him out of his catatonia, which bodes ill for his future, given his undercover mission. The heroes meanwhile not only can’t make any progress with Black Beetle, but suddenly meet Green Beetle (this is getting as bad as the Technicolor Lanterns). Two surprises close together: the Green Beetle seems to have Martian powers, and he’s on the heroes’ side. They manage to stun the Black Beetle and retreat to the Kent farm. There’s even a nice family moment between Superboy and Pa Kent, who was also on the tour at the Reach farm.

The Green Beetle tells the heroes his origin (short version, Martian archeologist who found a scarab), and agrees to help them. Lex and Vandal Savage make ominous comments about whatever the Reach are doing with their entry into the food industry. Lex also muses that the YJ team (although they are never called that on the show) is quite effective, and they should “create their own.” He is looking over the pictures of the recent abductees, which is likely a hint that Static and the others are coming back with a bigger role soon. Greenie also hints to Jaime that he can teach Jaime to resist or control his scarab.

This show continues to be highly entertaining. They have some complicated plotting, great characterizations, and a rich and complex world. You know, pretty much everything the DC reboot got rid of. While rumors of cancellation swirl, and speculation behind why that would happen, if it does, I am going to keep hoping that the show goes on. I think this is the best hero show on the air, and possibly that I’ve seen. I’d even put in on par with the amazing Justice League Unlimited. Hopefully it will last at least as long as that show did.

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