Calvin Rose’s hunt for the remaining Court of Owls continues in Talon #3 “Sting of the Past.” Rose and his fellow Owl hater Clark (whose method of operating seems to parallel early Oracle/Black Canary to me) take their act on the road, targeting Hudson Financial in New York. The Owls apparently have a great deal of their remaining assets here. Point in their favor, writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion avoid the temptation to squeeze in an unneeded team- up with the various New York based heroes.TALON_Cv3

Six years ago (a time frame the DCNU seems to be fond of), Rose parted ways with Casey, who was also on the run from the Owls. I find it amazing how, as time passes, more and more people know about the Court but Batman is still utterly clueless. Now in the present, Casey has built a group to harass the Owls, and, after capturing Calvin, team with him. The plot is an elaborate bank heist, and our writers do a great job of making the reader sure who the Talon is that’s we earlier learned was in charge of the security here. The major twist comes at the end when Rose’s part in the heist is interrupted by a second Talon, who looks like he could stunt double for the Hulk.

Again, my hat is off to the Snyder/Tynion combo for getting me to like a book spinning out of a crossover that I think went on too long and was kind of overdone. Guillem March’s art has gotten a lot better since his Gotham City Sirens days– he seems to have worked out that women have noses! This is an enjoyable, energetic book. Aside from the above mentioned flaw about Batman, I’m really enjoying this title. It’s coming on towards one of my favorite of the DCNU, but sadly, that doesn’t say too much these days.

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