Aquaman 15 is, in a rarity for DC, part of a crossover! Of course, I’m kidding. I think DC is going to get to the point where they have more crossovers than regular issues. This one, “Throne of Atlantis,” involves Justice League and Aquaman. I get why they’d cross an Atlantis theme over into Aquaman, of course, but it’s odd that it’s not going into any other JL books. Or is it? Let’s see.. Batman has “Death of the Family” in his books, Superman has “Hel on Earth,” Green Lantern has the “Third Army”… I guess the only other ones available were Wonder Woman and Flash, and maybe they’re busy too. AQM_Cv15

From what I can gather, as I don’t read Justice League and refuse to pick up extra books for crossovers at this point (see above for why), the US Navy did a missile test that was hijacked, and the missiles detonated in or near Atlantis. Ocean Master, Aquaman’s brother and Atlantis’ ruler, took exception to this and has started attacking the East Coast, using war plans he wrote with Aquaman many years ago.

Aquaman saves Commissioner Gordon and Detective Bullock of the Gotham PD as Gotham is flooded. I’m still not sure HOW Atlantis is making the oceans rise, but it is happening in Gotham, Metropolis, and Boston. However they are managing it, the heroes are fighting back with their own secret weapon: Mera’s control over water. There are some great exchanges in this issue:

Bullock, on being told Atlantis was attacking: Atlantis? I thought that was just a gimmick.

Aquaman: Gimmick?

Bullock: Mad Hatter ain’t from Wonderland, is he?

After the Bat-plane is destroyed:

Batman: How did they know you were with me?

Aquaman: They were aiming for you, not me. When I wrote those war plans I knew even before we met that you’d be a threat.

Batman: I’m flattered.

I don’t get why Johns can write these characters so well here and have them being essentially jerks to each other over in the main League book. Aquaman’s former advisor Vulko shows up, and tells them about the missiles that started all this. Another scene makes it look like the villains from the first arc, the Deep, are behind this, but we still don’t know who freed them. Aquaman tries to persuade his brother to surrender, but the Trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman aren’t patient enough and rush in. The issue ends with Aquaman turning on the League, I guess for extra drama flakes. More pointless hero on hero fighting.

It was a decent enough issue, but again, part of yet another crossover I’m not getting. I admit to feeling a bit lost as to some of what’s happening, but still refuse to get the other issues just for the crossover. Hard for me to rate just part of a story. It’s an ok issue, but not really impressive.

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