New LEGOs Reveal Another MAN OF STEEL Villain?


London Toy Fair 2013 has provided us with some interesting information about the upcoming Man of Steel movie via new LEGO sets.  According to the French site, three Man of Steel LEGO sets were previewed at the show and on of them featured a mini-figure that we haven’t heard of before.Sh003

Now we all know that Superman, General Zod, Colonel Hardy, Faora, and Lois Lane are in the film, but we didn’t know about a character named Tor-An.  According to comics-lore, Tor-An was in the Phantom Zone with Zod and once they were freed, he was sent to Earth as a sleeper agent.  He stayed on Earth for 18 months before being discovered.

Now we can’t be sure that that version of Tor-An will be played out in the film, but it is very interesting and a lot could be read from his inclusion in the film.

Below you will find all three LEGO sets that were on display with rather spoilerish titles so read those only if you don’t care to know about things going into the film.  Of course no pictures were allowed of any the sets just yet.  Maybe Toy Fair in February?

76002 Superman – Metropolis Showdown : Superman and General Zod
76003 Superman – Battle of Smallville : General Zod, Colonel Hardy, Tor-An, Superman, and Faora
76009 Superman – Black Zero Escape : Superman, Lois Lane, General Zod

Source: BrickHeroes

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