FUNKO Releases BATMAN Lamp

FUNKO Batman Character Lamp

Let the Dark Knight help light your room! Everyone knows that Batman prefers low mood lighting as opposed to bright room lights, so it totally makes sense that he would come to you rendered as such in this Batman Character Lamp. Showing the Caped Crusader stylized and wearing his classic signature blue and gray outfit with yellow Batman symbol and utility belt, this awesome lamp makes Batman look like a cute little chubby guy.

  • The Dark Knight will help light your room!
  • Contradictory, but who cares? It’s awesome!
  • Makes Batman look like a cute little chubby guy.

You can pre-order the Batman Character Lamp from Entertainment Earth! for $49.99.  It is due to hit shelves in February.

FUNKO Batman Character Lamp

FUNKO Batman Character Lamp

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