DCCOLLECTORS – Year in Review 2012


2012 has come and gone and has given our site its best year ever!  We have added three new contributors to the site (Wayland Smith, Kort Johnson, and John Benedict) that will no doubt give you the reviews and information you need to make informed decisions before buying those comic books you love.  We have also seen quite a growth on our Facebook fan page, but most importantly the site gains more and more visitors every single day!  Hopefully some of these visitors will stick around and become regular readers.

Here is a look at the top ten pages that viewers were most interested in this year.  The following articles garnered the most attention on our site.  You can make of it what you will…

  2. Batmobile Subject to Copyright Laws
  3. Play Arts Kai Batman and Joker Arkham City figures
  4. DC Universe Classics Images at Toy Fair 2012
  5. Toy Fair Press Release from Warner Bros.
  6. Power Attack Batman Pics from Mattel
  7. FIRST LOOK: Mattel’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Toys
  8. DC Direct Toy Fair 2012 Images
  9. DC Direct Reveals New Statues (Including Before Watchmen)
  10. The End of the Eaglemoss DC Super Hero Collection

The Green Lantern Season 2 sizzle reel got almost double the number of hits of the number 2 article on the list.  No doubt people are anxious to get more of the series (which new episodes start next Saturday).  Curious though that an article about copyright laws concerning the Batmobile is the second most popular article on the site this past year.  Is there really a need for that information?

Next year’s goals include, getting users to use our comment section much more than people are currently doing.  Believe it or not, we love to here feedback or to start conversations in the comment section.  It makes for a more interesting site and creates and atmosphere of community.  Here’s to 2013 being even more successful than 2012!

John Wilbanks

John – Owner and Managing Editor of DCcollectors.com. He loves comics, comic collectibles, movies, video games, and NFL Football. John also writes for website ComicBookMovie.com.