What’s Coming for MATTEL and DC COMICS?


In the latest issue of License Global, the magazine covers the relationship between DC Comics and Mattel.  According to the article 2012 has been the biggest year ever for the partnership resulting in the best sales forever for the brand, although no specific sales numbers were provided.
The article did give us a sneak peek at what is to come next year from Mattel.

  • DC Super Friends has been extended across Fisher-Price brands (Imaginext, Little People, Hero World and Shake ‘n Go!) and is being expanded internationally.
  • The Batman evergreen line, called Power Attack, will also be expanded with new themes planned in the future.
  • The 1960s Classic Batman TV Series line, which will be released next year, is based on the original television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward.
  • A new toy line is being developed for 2014 based on the upcoming television series, “Beware the Batman,” which will air on Cartoon Network.
  • The DC adult collector line will be refreshed for fans.
  • A Man of Steel collection will launch in late spring based on the new movie, as well as a non-movie-themed lines, including Fisher-Price brands.

The focus in 2013, according to Davies, is about continuing to build each core toy franchise in a relevant way.

■ Man of Steel (Superman)–Davies says that Mattel has invested in two segments with new play patterns for action figures and vehicles.

■ DC Super Friends–Now established in Spain and the U.K., the DC Super Friends program is rolling out across the region. The 2013 line brings in a new, very price competitive Batcave and a Superman play set, adding to the deep range of figures and vehicles, says Davies. A new Little People line is also being developed.

■ Batman–The evergreen line, which features slightly larger figures than for The Dark Knight Rises program, are more colorful and work across the Batman franchise and are not dependent on a particular series being on air, according to Davies. “This means that Mattel can run the line across all European markets and share central marketing campaigns for local market implementation,” he says.

The most intriguing items look like the 1960’s Batman line which fans have been clamoring for forever.  No talk of Green Lantern: The Animated Series figures is troubling, not only for fans that want the figures, but for the show itself.  Can a show truly be sustainable without toys to help sell it?  Let us know what you are most looking forward to by commenting in the comments section below…

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