Power Girl and Huntress have been characters I’ve enjoyed for a very long time. They were among the first second generation heroes of Earth 2 back in the “old days,” before Crisis and its various sequels. They were members of the Justice Society, and later founding members of Infinity, Inc. After the Crisis, they more or less carved out new homes for themselves in the new world, and then, along with the rest of the DCU, were rebooted into yet another new world. I must admit, as time passes, I’m less and less interested in the DCNU, and, sadly, Worlds’ Finest, which stars Huntress and Power Girl.

Issue seven continues from last time, with our two heroines joined by current Robin Damian Wayne as they seek to trace who is stealing money (besides Huntress) from Bruce Wayne. Splitting up (so they can do more damage that way), Huntress and Robin go to a very rural cabin, one of the two places they managed to trace a satellite feed to as part of the thefts. The cabin proves to be guarded first by oddly aggressive wolves, then by some kind of werewolf/wolfman. Huntress manages to download the information she needs from the dish on the cabin roof, and somehow or other concludes that the wolfman is from Apokolips.

Meanwhile, in the Congo, Power Girl chats with an elephant before finding her target, another shack-like building. She gets attacked not by wolves, but by child soldiers (a too common problem in Africa), at least one of whom proves to have some kind of high powered energy weapon. PG beats them, and, for once, doesn’t have her costume disintegrate, but the soldiers are pulled away, with the shack, through a boom tube. PG leaves with the weapon she captured as proof that Darkseid is still causing them problems. Huntress and Robin agree that he won’t tell Batman about Huntress and PG, and they shake hands, calling each other brother and sister.

So, why did I not like this issue? There’s a lot of small things that just seem way off to me. How does Huntress conclude the werewolf is from Apokolips by just looking at some weird bandolier it was wearing? Why does Damian have to climb to the cabin roof while Huntress leaps up like Spider-Man? More disturbingly, at one point during the fight with the wolves, Huntress gets caught by surprise by one of them, and Damian saves her, Huntress sounding shaken afterwards. People have commented before in various places about making male characters look good at the expense of female ones, and I think this is a great example. Them saving each other I have no issue with. Huntress afterwards “Th-thanks. I wasn’t ready for him,” just makes her sound weak, especially with Damian’s “I was” following it. Also during that fight, Huntress takes something never quite shown out of a belt pouch that is small enough to hold between two fingers, yet produces a gout of flame several feet long.

Bad writing, or at least bad characterization, some unclear art, and a still general lack of progress in overall plot are weighing this book down. On a personal level, they finally interact with a “native” hero and it turns out to be Damian, one of my least favorite. Power Girl has some background established with what she does with her life, and a supporting cast. Huntress, we know NOTHING about as far as her life on “main” Earth. I’d like to see some progress on their quest to get home, or at least the lives they are leading now fleshed out some. As it stands, despite the stars being two of my favorite characters, I’m seriously considering dropping this title. I usually enjoy Paul Levitz’ writing, and Kevin Maguire’s art, but this just really isn’t working.

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