In Legion of Super Heroes 15, “Once Upon A Dream,” well, not a whole lot happens, really. The issue opens with new Legionnaire Glortih being drawn from her bed by a mysterious voice that sends her through a portal to Barcelona, Spain. Once there, a conviniently waiting mob try to burn her at the stake. The mob looks like they are from the Dark Ages, and weird time anamolies crop up all over the city, forcing the Legion into action. Now, I’m as much a fan of “heroes beat on dinosaurs” as the next guy, but the vast majority of this issue was just the Legion dealing with various time-displaced foes from dinos and Neanderthals to tanks. Of course, none of the time-lost, even the “modern” tank commanders, seems confused about where they are, or why, and simply attack everything in sight. Eventually, we learn that somehow Glorith’s presence is causing the time distorions, she casts a shielding spell to cut off her influence from the surrounding area, and it stops.

Aside from this big brawl in Barcelona, there are a few other scenes of note. Mon-El and Cosmic Boy keep bickering about Mon-El being in LSH_Cv15_ds-650x999charge, although we are told the results of the Legion election will be in “soon.” Chameleon Boy calls Shrinking Violet and Lightning Lass to his quarters (which are empty but for chairs and a computer) to talk about the Fatal Five, which the team has been pursuing.

I’m not sure what’s going on with this issue. Paul Levitz seems to be just spinning his wheels here. The whole thing could have been reduced to three pages or so and I don’t think anything would have been lost. While the Legion largely escaped the reboot, this issue seems to have focused on the few segments that were affected: Glorith and the Fatal Five. I suppose that may have contributed some to my not caring for it as much. Francis Portella’s art was fine, nothing bad, nothing remarkable. Overall, I read this, and found myself thinking “Ok… so what?” Hopefully this will pick up some next month.

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