New ARROW Trailer Features FIREFLY


When Arrow returns on January 16th, the emerald archer will be facing off against a villain from Batman’s Rogues Gallery. This past October, Andrew Dunbar of SGU Stargate Universe fame, nabbed the role of Garfield Lynns aka Firefly. In “Burned”, Oliver will face off against Firefly. To give you a sneak peek, The CW released a teaser trailer which you can watch below.

In comics continuity, Firefly is an expert in pyrotechnics and explosives. He has thorough knowledge of inflammable agents. His suit contains a flamethrower, grenade launchers, and an extensive arsenal of fire-creating weapons. The fixed wings mounted on his back allow him to glide on the updrafts of the fires he creates.

Whether this version will be featured in Arrow is yet to be determined, but from the looks of the teaser, he doesn’t have the wings. I guess we will have to wait until January 16th, to find out more…

John Wilbanks

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