When the March solicitations came out last week, we were treated to a cover for Threshold #3 that featured a familiar, but different looking hero.   On the cover was a rabbit mixed with the look of Lobo called Captain K’Rot.  The inclusion of this character sent shockwaves through the Internet as fans demanded retribution for the crimes that were committed to their favorite character Captain Carrot.

In an interview with Newsarama, the person responsible for the uproar Keith Giffen, describes the idea behind this new Captain K’Rot and that this is not even the same character as everyone’s favorite Earth 26 rabbit.

Giffen on the idea behind Captain K’Rot:

I just loved the idea of taking a rabbit, which is this cute little pink-nosed, wonderful furry thing, and just laying a little bit of Lobo over the top of it. That makes for a very interesting character I think.

I just said to Tom Raney, who was designing the characters, just give me a psychotic rabbit. And he ran with it from there.

And then we decided, oh, yeah, he has to have the artificial leg because he’s like Captain Ahab [from Moby Dick]. He’s hunting down the “man what took his foot for luck.”

We’re just having fun with it.

Giffen on making fun comics again:

But Captain K’Rot… God is he fun to write. As I said, he’s introduced in issue #2, and then his big moments come in issue #3, #4 and #5. I was originally going to introduce him and then walk away and see what else happened. But nah, I’m having too much fun. He’s sticking around.

But you see, with Threshold, I’m trying desperately to have fun. Comic books are supposed to be fun. Comic books are supposed to be big and loud and bombastic and fun.

I don’t want to do European style comic books. I want to do good, old-fashioned American comic books. And I’m not saying that out of some desire to be patriotic or something. No. I’m just saying there’s nothing wrong with what we were doing in this country with comic books. Alright, maybe they didn’t appeal to adults. But they were big and just a lot of fun.

Also take a quick look at some artwork from Threshold #3 and Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual #1.  The Annual and Blue Beetle #16 will serve as lead-ins to Threshold #1.

Threshold #3 Artwork

Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual #1 Artwork

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