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Green Lantern: The Animated Series Producer Giancarlo Volpe has posted a video on youtube showing everyone how the production guys give the animators references for their work. The video is basically snippets of Volpe and others acting out scenes from episodes one through six to give the animators at CGCG some kind of visual reference to animate.

Enjoy the video below and wish you could have as much fun at work as they do!

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Animation is always better with acting reference, even if the “actor” is just an animator with no shame. This is a highlight reel of some stuff we sent to our wonderful overseas studio, CGCG to help them with their scenes.

An extra special thanks to Boola Robello for compiling and editing all this footage. You rock!

This video contains the song “Hal vs. Atrocitus” from the Green Lantern: The Animated Series soundtrack, available on Amazon and iTunes.

Can you point out all the scenes from actual episodes? Leave comments below!

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