Ask Matty August 15th 2012 Edition


After a long hiatus, we are bringing back a rather popular segment for the site, “Ask Matty”.  In this addition we try to ask some stuff questions, and we get a few surprising answers.   If some of these questions seem a little old, they were originally supposed to be answered for the August 1st session, but unfortunately there was a mix-up.

DCCollectors – It has been almost one whole year and still no New 52 figures for fans.  When can we expect to see these in stores?

The first two figures, Batman and Superman, are out now! You must remember, it takes 12-16months to go from concept to product in the toy industry, so a one year turn around is pretty good for toy product. Toys are not as instant as other forms of media.

DCCollectors – The new 3 3/4″ The Dark Knight Rises toys have hit toy stores everywhere and many people are a bit disappointed in them.  Why is there no articulation other than shoulders, neck, and hips in these figures?

Because these toys are aimed at kids and articulation is not as important to kids as a selling point. For articulation, see our great Movie Masters line aimed at collectors.

DCCollectors – Are we any closer to getting Green Lantern: The Animated Series toys?

No, there are no current toys planed for this.

DCCollectors – Is there a possibility of getting figures based on the DC Animated Shorts on DC Nation?

Nothing to announce at this time.

DCCollectors – Any chance of non-Bat characters in the Power Attack line of figures?


That’s it for this month!  Join us again in May for more questions and answers with Mattel!

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