Static Shock Joining Young Justice?


Static Shock just can’t catch a break in the comic book world. The character’s new series in the “New 52″ got cancelled with issue 8 due to lack of sales (and probably lots of in-fighting at between the creators on the book).  In the realm of animation though, Static hits like gangbusters!  He has had his own successful show and a cameo in Justice League.

Now comes the news that he will be in at least one episode of Young Justice.  Appearing on Rob Paulsen’s podcast, Phil Lamarr dropped an interesting bit of information about not getting to audition for the role of Virgil Hawkins for an episode of Young Justice.  Rob Paulsen’s Talkin Toons Podcast – Listen at around the 53:00 minute mark.

Well at least we know we will be getting a little more Static Shock in our lives.  Thanks go out to reader “Rick” for pointing us in the right direction for this cool bit of information!


John Wilbanks

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